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Mainestone offers a wonderful collection of artisan made jewelry, fossils, and specimens. We specialize in Maine Tourmaline, Maine gems, and natural gemstones from around the world. Our shop is located in the beautiful foothills of western Maine.

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Come join us in Downtown Farmington to celebrate Chester Greenwood Day! See this link for a list of the many events https://www.facebook.com/chestergreenwoodday/
Happy Birthday November Birthdays!

Citrine and Topaz are November's two birthstones. These gems are available in warm shades of yellow and orange. Blue Topaz is most popular for its dazzling blue.

Our Citrine and Topaz jewelry is set in both 14kt and sterling silver. We invite you to come browse and find your perfect birthday gift.
November's Birthstones ~ Citrine and Topaz