Ron Gelinas,
Goldsmith and owner of Mainestone Jewelry

Growing up near Harvard University, I developed an early fascination with fossils, specimens and gems from my many visits to the Peabody Museum. I moved to Farmington in 1976, and immersed myself in the area’s tradition of cultivating the arts and cultural education. Much of my spare time was spent exploring the mines and quarries in Western Maine and meeting many of the people who contribute to Maine’s mining industry. Through them I learned about the geology and the abundance of amazing gems it produces. My interest in Maine gems expanded when I learned to cut and polish the stones I discovered and I began selling them to jewelers around the state. My hobby turned into a passion to create lasting pieces of art when I started mounting the gems I had cut. When I enrolled with Master Goldsmith, Addison Saunders, for further training, I learned not only the advanced techniques of goldsmithing and stone setting, but also to hold to uncompromising standards of excellence and integrity in my growing jewelry business. I have always believed that you should find something that inspires you, and make it your lifelong ambition to do it the best that you can. Gems and jewelry are what inspire me.